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Diaries of An Exhausted Author Feb. 17th 2020

School holidays !!! its half term and I have 3 very bored little girls with me as well as a 5month old baby....let the carnage begin !!!

So its been a little while since my last post, we have all had that nasty cold virus thing, even leading to a hospital stay for our baby girl.

writing when you are poorly is just not possible, trust me I tried. so instead I moped about feeling sorry for self but at the same time still doing everything for my family as frankly that is what you do when your mum.

On to more book related news though. There should HOPFULLY be a few more reviews for both of my books soon. getting reviews is like finding gold dust....not easy at all. so hopefully this will pick up. Also both my book reached the top 20 in the top 100 for free fantasy books in sword and sorcery so that was awesome.

if anyone would like to review one of my books please just drop me a line and ill sort that's out, ore even better yet just hop on to amazon and leave a quick review there, the more we get the better it is for the sale of my books.

until next time!!!

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