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Diaries of an Exhausted Author 7th Feb 2020

So…….stressful week for me!! but also a good week with my writing. I received my copy of Becoming yesterday and frankly its awesome!! I'm really proud of it, and it looks great so I'm hoping you all like to it as much as I do. Both my books are still on offer at the moment so if I were your I would go and grab a bargain asap, before there back to full price. you wont regret it.

so this week I have mostly been thinking up new names for new characters in my next book, as it stands right now I have the 1st book of a new series started, and book to of both the Night walker series and the Isamcey series, so basically I'm writing 3 books at the same time....interesting! well all at the same time feeling like one of the MUMBIES not quite a functioning mum, not quite a zombie!! I guess I'm a permanently exhausted kind of inbetweenie !!!! we also have a teething 21 week old baby in our house and frankly there is no stopping her when she screams its a ride it out kind of thing and hope for the times. any way back to he writing if you have any good ideas for names or places for my next novels please leave a comment at the bottom or even of you would just like a name or even your name in one of my novels let me know.

until next time xx

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