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Diaries of an Exhausted Author. 3rd Feb 2020


School run!!! fun times.

Right now I have been trying to juggle my four daughters (yes I did say four!!) promoting my original Novel Destiny Calls AND get my second Novel Becoming ready to be published on amazon later today!!! There is not enough coffee in the world for all this!!! but somehow I still manage to get it done with most of my hair still attached to my head. Not to mention I'm writing my third Novel as well.

I have come to the conclusion very quickly that advertising your novels is not the easiest of tasks. Its so hard to get seen out there amongst all the other budding self published authors. what with social media and email campaigns (which you need the contacts to begin with) you would think your book would be flying off the shelves....nope not quite. So I will be plugging my two novels as often and as much as I can for the foreseeable future....and persuading everyone I know to do the same!

Like I said earlier I have four daughters, and like me my eldest (10) is Dyslexic. she is constantly telling me she cant do this or she cant do that. I ask her why...her answer because I'm reply is rubbish you can do anything if you want to. Sometimes it takes a little longer yes, and something's are a little harder to work out ,but if you find the way that suits you best then you can do anything. That's one of the reasons I love to write so much, I got told for so long I couldn't do it because of the Dyslexia, and that is exactly why I decided to do it, to prove to not only everyone else but also my self that I could do it. Dyslexia isn't a stopping point or a problem its just a different way of thinking and learning, its not an excuse to not do something, it should be a reason to do it even more!!!

Back to the housework, the kids, the cooking AND the writing.

Until next time xxx

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