So, im Kerri Cooper, im a Self published Author of Fantasy  Fictions for both Young Adults and New Adults. I absolutly love what i do. so far i have two novels out. Both are the 1st instulment for their series. im currently woorking on a 3rd book as we speak.


I have four beautiful Daughters and a wonderful husband. I live in Somerset in the Uk, Which is great. I'm 33 years young and will be celebrating my 34th birthday later this year.


One thing you should know is, I am DYSLEXIC. I decided to start writing my own novels when I just got tired of being cold I couldn't purely because I am dyslexic. I loved to read and I knew I could do just as good a job if not better. So its thanks to my Grandad turning round to me one day and just telling me to" go on then just do it"  i truly believe if you have a dream you should chase it. it may not happen right away and you may get shot down a a good few times, but in the end it will happen.



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