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So, I'm Kerri Cooper, I'm a Self published Author of Fantasy Fictions for both Young Adults and New Adults. I absolutely love what I do. so far I have four novels out. three of which are the 1st installment for their series. I'm currently working on my 5th and 6th books as we speak.


my second Novel BECOMING will be published this year via Olympia Publishing and honestly I cant wait!!

I have four beautiful Daughters, one gorgeous son and a wonderful husband. I live in Somerset in the Uk, Which is great. I'm 36 years young and will be celebrating my 37th birthday later this year.


One thing you should know is, I am DYSLEXIC. I decided to start writing my own novels when I just got tired of being cold I couldn't purely because I am dyslexic. I loved to read and I knew I could do just as good a job if not better. So its thanks to my Granddad turning round to me one day and just telling me to" go on then just do it"  i truly believe if you have a dream you should chase it. it may not happen right away and you may get shot down a a good few times, but in the end it will happen.


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