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First look at the the new book Trailer for Spirit of the Wolf

Spirit of the Wolf 
Available now!

Spirit of the wolf.jpg

Awaken The Wolf is Available now on Inkitt

First look at the new Book Trailer

Awaken the Wolf coming soon!

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Young Adult Fantasy Author 

A females piercing blue eye, surrounded by old looking clock faces

                Book 2 in the Isamcey series 
                        COMING SOON!!!!


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Destiny Calls

Book 1 in the Night Walker Series

When Kyla had a dream of an injured man in desperate need of help, she couldn’t just ignore him. Dreams have plagued her sleep before and now they are back again.


 Enlisting the help of her brother, they set out in search of a man they’ve never met.


This seemingly Normal girl is to become the next Night Walker, a being of legend and feared above all others.


 Kyla and her brother are whisked away from their everyday lives and thrust into a world of magic, in a race against time.


 When Knowledge means power and the answer to her unanswered questions, will Kyla be prepared to do whatever it takes, or is the allure of darker things be too much to resist.



Good? Evil? or something in between? will she beable to resist the pull of power?




Book 1 in the Isamcey Series

It’s Thea Jameson’s seventeenth birthday.  A day that should be the same as any other, that is until she finds out her whole life has been a lie.


She wakes in the morning a normal girl, by evening she is thrust into a world full of magic, with people threatening everything she loves. 


Learning how to control all her new found power is one thing, but falling in love at the same time is something else altogether.


Ryder, the tall gorgeous boy with amnesia, plants himself firmly in Thea’s way; making her new life so much more exciting.


Even if it does put her in the path of more dangerous things! Can Thea master her new responsibilities and her love life without everything crashing down around her?

front cover for Becoming downwards looking female face with eyes closed
Large speech marks

Will she be able to master unmeasurable power and juggle her love life ?

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K.Cooper established in Yeovil England United Kingdom

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